Centre for International Education - Introduction

CIE is a centre of excellence in the campus which provides a platform for creative people who are imbued and equipped with outstanding academic skills, innovative thinking and pioneering spirit to make a lasting contribution to the quality of life as enlightened generative leaders.

Globalization has become the buss word of our times. The paradigmatic shift to a global economy has been possible with exchange between nations and that also includes exchanges at the level of academic and cultural know-how. Ramjas wishes to be an active participant in the changing scenario. We wish to empower our students and faculty with the latest developments and progress talking place in the academic and cultural arena.

Ramjas College now has agreements for academic cooperation with several institutions. Following are the existing agreements. (a) Partnership with Denmark’s International Study Program (DIS), Copenhagen offers students and opportunity to study for different periods in Copenhagen, Denmark. Under this programme, any student enrolled in a regular college or university in India can take courses offered by DIS. DIS offers financial aid to students going through Ramjas College.

(b) Faculty and Student Exchange Programme with the University of Antwerp, Belgium. The Exchange Programme with the University of Antwerp is open to students from Ramjas College. Students from Ramjas College can take courses in the Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Political and Social Science, Faculty of Applied Economic Sciences and the Faculty of Science. Students from Antwerp can pursue courses of their choice offered by Ramjas. Under this exchange programme, students pay tuition and fees only to their parent universities. The cost of living is borne by the students.

Under the faculty exchange programme, arrangements exist for joint research by faculty of Ramjas and University of Antwerp. Faculty from either university can contact their counterparts in the other university for possible collaborative research. Upon the recommendation of their Belgian counterpart, faculty from Ramjas College can be funded under various schemes for research work in the University of Antwerp.

(c) Exchange Programme with Lahore University of management Sciences (LUMS), Lahore, Pakistan. Students from Ramjas College can take courses at the School of Arts and Sciences covering Social Sciences and Economics, while students from LUMS can enrol in social sciences and humanities courses at Ramjas College. Students will not pay any tuition of other fees to their host university, but will only bear the cost of their stay.

(d) The programme also covers exchange of faculty for both teaching and research in the two institutions. A Memorandum of Understanding / Cooperation Agreement has also been signed with The Washington Center, Washington D.C., USA. The Washington Center for Internships and Academic Seminars offers opportunities to undergraduate students in public agencies and international organizations from four weeks to four months. The Washington Center offers full scholarship to a few students during the January – May semester.

(e) A Memorandum of Understanding has also been finalized with the School of Business and Social Sciences, Aarhus University, Denmark. This agreement covers exchange of students and faculty between the two institutions. Students can study regularly offered courses at the host institution for one or two semesters. Aarhus University will give travel grants to two students per semester from Ramjas. The faculty exchange covers opportunities for research and teaching at the host institution. The Agreement also envisages joint cultural programmes, participation in seminars and academic meetings, exchange of academic material and special short-term academic programmes including summer school.