Discipline Committee

Discipline Committee

Convenor Dr. Kumar Rahul
Members Ex-Officio 1. N.S.S. Incharge
  2. Convenor, Sports Committee
  3. Convenor, ECAC
  4. Convenor, A.S.C. (Science and Arts)
  5. Hostel Warden
  6. Former Convenor, Discipline Committee

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Lyngdoh Committee Report- Click Here

The Committee adopted the following ‘Advisory’ to be communicated to all students through the office:


I. Organising unofficial Freshers’ Welcome/party by any student or group of students is not allowed within the premises of Ramjas College. Students should not contribute money for such purpose. Punitive action shall be taken if found guilty.

II. Use of college name, logo etc or any of its department is not allowed while organising unofficial party outside the college campus. Students should report to the college administration with evidence, if such a party has been organised recently or is to be organised in near future.

III. Students should not contribute money as membership fee or otherwise to an extra-curricular society or purporting to be a student cell active in college, which is not an official society of the College.

IV. Assembling at the College gate for political campaigning is not allowed.

V. As per Clause 6.7.9 of the Lyngdoh Committee Report, enforced by the Hon’ble Supreme Court, during the election campaign public meetings, processions shall not be allowed without written permission of the College authority. It is advised that permission must be sought at least one day in advance of the meeting/ procession. It may be noted that as per this clause such meetings or processions must not disturb the classes and extracurricular activities of the college.

VI. While canvassing it is required that candidates shall confine to criticism of other candidates only with respect to policies, issues, programmes and past records. Criticism involving private life of candidates must be refrained from. (Clause 6.7.2)

VII. Defacing of wall and college property is strictly prohibited.

VIII. Students must refrain from appealing to caste or communal feeling for securing votes. Places of worship, within or without the campus shall not be used for election propaganda. (Clause 6.7.3)

IX. Students are expected to inculcate gender-sensitivity in their social and political interactions.

X. All students are requested to go through the Lyngdoh Committee guidelines and report with evidence to the authority any breach thereof. Your consciousness and cooperation is actively solicited for a better environment at our college.