Centennial Celebrations 2016


The Ramjas literary society

Wordsmith is the annual festival of Wordcraft, the Ramjas Literary Society, the aim of which is to inspire innovative forms of creative expression, as well as to put literary knowledge in university students to good use.

Beginning in 2012, the festival was touted as one of the most successful literary festivals of Delhi University in 2014. We had a wonderful turnout, with over 300 participants in six events and a footfall of 500 people.

This academic session also boasts the centennial year of our esteemed college, Ramjas, and we hope to hold our festival on the 14th and 15th of October with events to honour both this momentous occasion and the rising trend of enthusiasm in literary activities that Delhi University has seen.

As a bilingual society, Wordcraft holds events for both Hindi and English writers. In the last academic session, we had two days for events, as well as an online scriptwriting competition and booths with fun writing contests. This semester’s festival will have the following events.